home    Security Biometric Safe Box, Steel Lock Box hand Gun Safe with Fingerprint Keypad Access - Perfect for Home/Office/Hotel, Secure Pistols, Documents, Jewelry, Valuables - 13.75 x 13 x 15 Inches

Security Biometric Safe Box, Steel Lock Box hand Gun Safe with Fingerprint Keypad Access - Perfect for Home/Office/Hotel, Secure Pistols, Documents, Jewelry, Valuables - 13.75 x 13 x 15 Inches

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    • ✅【Instant Biometric / PIN Code and Key Access】This gun safe can hold up to 20 individual fingerprints which can be accessed within 1 second. A simple touch by a pre-programmed fingerprint is all it takes. The 10 digit keypad allows for millions code combinations versus 256 codes for 4 digit keypad safes. Instantly access your valuables, documents, and firearms after the door opens.
    • ✅【Smart Capacity, Removable Handgun Rack】: This cabinet safe has 1.3 cubic feet, Product exterior size-13.75" x 13" x 15"(W*D*H). It gives you enough capacity for storing handguns, important documents, jewelry, and other valuables. We specailly designed a 5-position handgun rack. If you do not store pistols, you can remove it or cut it to fit less pistols.. Weight: 29 lbs.
    • ✅【TOUGH AND RUGGED Steel Construction】 The portable cabinet safe is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Door:14 gauge.Wall: 16 gauge. It includes 3 live-door bolts(1 more locking bolt than other safes) and a new internal safety bracket for maximum protection against break-ins. The durable powder coating finish prevents corrosion and ensures long-term protection of your belongings for years to come. Pre-drilled holes and hardware are included for floor/wall mounting.
    • ✅【QUICK ACCESS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols】 Get QUICK ACCESS to your contents including valuables, documents, and firearms through the spring loaded access door. Get in quickly when it matters most using the biometric fingerprint scanner or the rapid backlit keypad.
    • ✅【LED light and SILENT MODE】 You can also set it to silent mode. This is an important function when you have intruder at night or you want to use the safe without distubing others.

    Handgun safe

    gun safe

    Lock your valuables in our safe (1.3 cubic feet), which can accommodate a variety of goods,including handgun,passport,cash money,jewelry and etc. Whether leaveing for a long journey or going to work all day.

    lock box

    Security Fingerprint Safe with Removable Interior Shelf

    This safe has a portable size for home/office


    Exterior Dimensions : 13.75"×13"×15"

    Weight :29 lbs.

    Requirements for Battery: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.

    NOTE: Make sure keep emergency keys out of the safe in case the batteries dies!!!


    • Biometric Safe x 1
    • Mounting Hardware Set x 1
    • Emergency Key x 2
    • User Manual x 1
    • AA Alkaline Battery x 4
    • Handgun Rack x 1

    quick access

    reset button

    locking bolts

    removable shelf

    3 Quick Access Ways

    This gun safe can hold up to 20 individual fingerprints.Electronic NINE-key pad enables you to create your own programmable 4-8 digit password.2 keys offer a backup option access way if the batteries are dead.

    Hidden Reset Button/Led Light

    Use the red reset button inside the safe,you can set your personal password and fingerprint.The led light will automatically light up when the door is opened, which can help you see clearly and find the contents of the safe in a dim environment.

    Sturdy Construction - 3 Locking Bolts

    The safe has 3 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges for superior security. Provides physical protection against forced entry.

    Removable Shelf

    Removable interior shelf will make more flexible storage space for your handguns & ammunition or other valuables.

    handgun safe

    Removable Handgun Rack Design

    There is a handgun rack comes with the safe, you can store 5 pistols vertically, Pistols can be put directly into the rack and the pistols can be easily take out. The handgun rack can be removed to save space if you do not need store pistols.